In Lesotho, COVID-19 brought education to a screeching halt. This is actually the THIRD year Lesotho’s children have suffered disrupted education.

  • In 2018 children lost 2 months of school due to teacher strikes.

  • In 2019 children lost 75% of the school year due to the continued teacher strikes.

  • In 2020 COVID-19 shut schools down in March with no online alternatives, and honestly, we don’t know when schools will resume to normal operations.

Three years is far too long for Lesotho’s children to have fractured education.

We feel the urgency to pick up the pieces and rebuild an educational foundation. The stakes are too high if children fall through the cracks.


In 2021 we will expand our program to provide more tutoring for both elementary and high school students in our children’s crisis home, as well as extend our reach to at-risk children in the community.

Our goal is to start with 40 vulnerable children who don’t have any other hope for educational support. The program will have a holistic approach and include meals, spiritual and personal development.


Sarah’s School started out very simply with a need. The need was that children were hungry and unattended while their mothers and fathers were attending university classes, and vocational training. In the DR Congo, it is estimated that half of the women are illiterate. One meal a day, usually in the evening, is the norm in many parts of the world.

A wonderful woman named Lau Kenzo decided to do something and started Sarah’s School – donating her own salary to fund a preschool. We heard about it and joined in. We helped by funding some safety upgrades at the school as well as helped with the hiring of a teacher and food.

Today, Sarah’s School in the DR Congo is self-sufficient!!