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Sarah's School

$150.00 raised
GOAL: $5,000.00

Sarah's School started out very simply with a need. The need was that hungry children wanted some attention from their mothers.
What turns this from a normal occurrence, taking place everyday around the globe, was that their mothers had no food to give them. They live in the DR Congo - one of the poorest countries on earth. One meal a day, usually in the evening, is the norm.
Another wrinkle in our story is that the mothers were in class trying to learn important skills like reading and writing. In the DR Congo, it is estimated that half of the women are illiterate.
So women who were being taught foundational skills were being interrupted by their hungry children. They could comfort their child, but not give them food until that evening.
A wonderful woman named Lau Kenzo decided to do something and started Sarah's School - donating her own salary to fund the school.
We heard about it and joined in. We helped by funding some safety upgrades at the school as well as helped with the hiring of a teacher and food.
Today, Mama Germain feeds the children a simple meal and teaches them about hygiene and basic reading and writing.
The mothers of these children can now focus on their own learning, knowing that their children are being well served.
Sarah's School is simple program that helps children and mothers develop.

Who's donating: from Calgary, AB, Canada donated. Thank you!
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    donated 2019-11-23 10:19:20 -0700
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