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Vocational Training

GOAL: $20,000.00

Most of our programs start in a similar way. They start with a discussion amongst friends who are talking about an area of concern or opportunity. The conversation typically moves to the 'someone should do something' phase which is followed by the 'we should do something' phase.
The Vocational Training program was no different. Lau Kenzo was talking to Colleen Jantzen about women who had little ability to generate income to support their family. The discussion led to what types of things they could do and the idea of seamstress training was floated. It seemed like a strong idea. We heard about it and agreed and create the Vocational Training program We believe the seamstress training is an excellent starting point as it is a trade which requires a modest investment in equipment and supplies. In addition, it is highly transportable if people need to relocate.
While this is a great start, we believe that a wider number of training options would be desirable as there are many people who languish in poverty based on a lack of training. We are interested in developing a computer training program so that Congolese programmers can serve the French speaking world to generate good paying jobs.

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