It’s that time of year again…on Oct 1 & 8, I’m riding 50 km (100km total) for all those who need refuge, support and hope in Lesotho, Africa and Belize, Central America. THANK YOU for participating in this year’s RIDE FOR REGEN. You can participate by donating here AND/OR riding/walking with us. Participants will be biking 25K or 50K, or running various distances for our charity! Thanks for your continued support of some amazing work being done for those that really need it.

If you’d like to RIDE or WALK in our event let us know through email.

If you’d like to DONATE please use the form on this page.

We are a fully volunteer run charity.

Your participation will help MAKE A DIFFERENCE in the lives of vulnerable communities across the world. Our projects are focused in Lesotho, Africa & Belize. Our strong focus on education, leadership & training of people, empowers them to make a difference in their own communities with lasting effects long after our projects are finished.

With your donation we will be able to:

  • Support an ongoing effort to create and implement a model of family based care for at-risk children in the towns and villages across Lesotho, Africa.
  • Train and teach a curriculum of Trauma Informed Care to individuals who represent child care at every level in the Lesotho communities.
  • Care for the elderly and disabled in remote villages that lack access to quality healthcare.
  • Run a Medical Response Training program for local rural police officers in medical interventions to save lives when responding to calls due to lack of medical healthcare available.

With grateful hearts,
The Regen crew: Ralph, Tricia, Ray, Malissa, Phil & Kay (We are all volunteers)