While Reno worked in Lesotho during the 80s, I became familiar with the challenging conditions in local schools, which the government of Lesotho has commendably made great efforts to improve. Unfortunately schools with extremely high student-teacher ratios still exist in Lesotho.

Try imagining what it is like to be a 1st Grade teacher with 70, 80 or even more students in a classroom designed for 30. As a result, especially in the lower grades, many children fall through the cracks. Then imagine the daunting task for 2nd Grade teachers when the 1st graders are subjected to social promotion. Now imagine the child who is also suffering from trauma or
loss at home, like Molly in the story below.

The children who arrive at Grandma’s House have experienced trauma, loss and/or abuse, often in situations of extreme poverty. We believe education is one of the most necessary components to helping these children by building in them the knowledge, confidence, and capability to pursue their dreams. Thank you for joining with us in bringing hope for a brighter future to children like Molly.*

Nancy Schalm

Communications Director

*This child’s name has been changed in compliance with Lesotho Child Protection laws.

This is an excerpt from Faith Foundation newsletter